Looking towards the future but learning from the past


I have a message placed in my heart by none other but God himself.

There was a king by the name of Saul. The bible describes Saul as a man of presence. He had the physique of a king. Saul was the king of Israel, but he had fallen out of love with the people, fallen out of love with God himself, and he was very disobedient.

Long story short; God told the prophet Samuel to anoint David. At that time no one could have taken Samuel seriously because David was only a child and he had come from a impoverished upbringing. His father was a shepherd. Even his father told Samuel to take one of his other son’s because in his eyes they were stronger and wiser. HIS eyes, but not the eyes of God

My message is to my brother and sister, near and far.
Your title does not matter, your position does not matter,

your struggles do not matter. You can have one leg or one eye but always remember THERE IS A KING IN YOU.

I want to entreat you to take a second out and recognize….. NOW SALUTE THE KING IN YOU.

You may have been constantly reminded of your imperfection-THERE’S A KING IN YOU.
You may have been neglected-THERE’S A KING IN YOU.
You may be physically weak-THERE’S A KING IN YOU,
poor like a dog -THERE’S A KING IN YOU.
Incarcerated in jail at this very moment-THERE’S A KING IN YOU.
You may have been raped- NO MAN can take the QUEEN out of you.
God has a plan for our life. Don’t let your circumstances cost you to miss out on your destiny, which is greatness. You are a king. You are a queen. #thelosttribesotoday #ourchildrenorgreat #GODWORKS


Brothers Keeper.

I feel like in todays society we cannot celebrate any of our accomplishments or be proud of anything that we have achieved no matter how minut it may be. “Oh you graduated school?”. Cant say that out loud you may offend someone who didn’t. “I made the honor roll”. Shouldn’t brag about that, because your friend might have been close to making it but didn’t. . “Oh your a christian?”. Dont let buddy hear you, he may take offense to that. “I got a promotion, I got accepted to school, etc… well WHO gives a fuck? Why should I have to apologize for my accomplishments or for being me. “Your insecurity is not my responsibility.” No matter if I eat a piece of bread or a steak dinner I give God thanks. I ain’t watchin no man and their success. I’m just trying to get where I need to be in my life, not worried about yours. ‪#‎lotstribesoftoday

The lost tribes of today

Tears flow as I witness how they treat our BLACK Brothers and Sisters,  our daughters, our mothers, our son’s, all across the world. Where animals are regarded higher than a HUMAN BEING’S life who is of African decent. They have striped us of our faith, of our names, and of our identity. They have infected our minds, but now is the time that we reclaim our pride and our dignity. Now is the time to reclaim our place in the world. Now is the time to embrace ourselves. To love our nappy hair and our dark skin. To love our big noses, to love ourselves, and to stop killing our own people. Too many black mother’s and fathers have suffered at the hands of their own people.
It’s time to make a change. It’s time to unify. We are under attack! They have left Africa in a state where for the majority, it is impossible to survive or obtain a decent education, or make a meaningful living. They have left it as a place with no hope. Countries like Australia and Russia have closed their doors during the Ebola epidemic. The brave doctors who went out and helped during this crisis have been criticized, scorned, humiliated, and outcasted for lending a helping hand and upholding their Hippocratic Oath.
It is time that we receive JUSTICE, not a reward like the Native people have received for their oppression. Not a reward like the Jewish people have received in 1948- but JUSTICE and EQUALITY IS what we demand. We have been receiving promises for generations. “40 acres and  a mule” is what we were told.  I haven’t seen it yet, up to this day they have been feeding us lies; “oh, Sandra killed herself” and pain; “I can’t breathe”. But we are resilient people and we will continue to stand firm in this time of crisis. Brothers and sisters, unity is the key. Learn to see each other as family instead of strangers. The struggle goes on.

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